Production of reinforced concrete sleepers and poles

Reinforced concrete sleepers

We offer you reinforced concrete sleeper СТ 6,
sleeper СТ 160, and twin-block sleeper.

Reinforced concrete poles

“Bulgarian concrete elements” Ltd. offers medium and low voltage poles and poles for electrification of railway lines.

Reinforced concrete elements

We offer reinforced concrete beams, columns, pipes, shafts, grates, shutters, parking elements and other items.

Concrete mixtures

“Bulgarian Concrete Element” Ltd.
offer to its customers
concrete mixtures of class С 12/15,
С 16/20, С 20/25, С 25/30, С 30/37 and others.

60 years production of reinforced concrete sleepers

Market leader in the country

Introduction of new products and technologies

Numerous beneficial relationships with customers


“BULGARIAN CONCRETE ELEMENTS” LTD., town of Svishtov is a manufacturer of pre-stressed reinforced concrete sleepers for normal railways 1435 mm, twin-block sleepers for subway, sleepers for crane tracks, prestressed centrifugal poles for electrification of the rail network, reinforced centrifugal poles for overhead lines low and medium voltage, components for industrial, road and other construction.

Our Mission and Objectives

Over the years we have always tried to provide our customers the best quality and reliable products. This is our mission and purpose in the future.


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